The Science

Nature’s Intelligence

Plants have been used as medicine for centuries, and science is finally catching up. We back all of the medicinal herbs in our products with the latest peer-reviewed studies and scientific research.

We also conduct our own internal studies that show real before-and-after results from our global community, who have used our products for a statistically significant amount of time.



Case Study


70% less anxiety and insomnia reported 

(compared to the placebo group) amongst those who took ashwagandha for 60 days*

80% of cancer patients measured enhanced cellular immunity after taking reishi for 12 weeks*

50% lower rates of mortality and cardiovascular disease measured in subjects who consumed a high versus low amount of cacao*


Centuries of medicinal use backed by modern science

We know medicinal herbs have a wealth of data backing their efficacy, but we also constantly strive to ensure our own products are helping our community see real results for their health. For our internal studies, we:

    Work with community members who have previously reported symptoms they’d like to improve using herbs
    Collect data from test group over a designated 30-day period
    Gather questionnaires from participants at the beginning, middle, and end of the study tracking their progress and improvement